Sexy Doesn’t Cut It

It seems to be pushing in from every angle, with every billboard, magazine, and business we pass: in order for a woman to be attractive she must show off her curves, wear eye-catching attire, flawless makeup, stylish hair, and have a trim waistline.  Why?  These things make us sexy.  And being sexy is what gets us all we want in life.  Or does it?

The simplest definition of sexy is: “ready for sex”.  When I read that, my jaw dropped.   I felt insulted for being so wrongly influenced by what the media, celebrities, and society around us have flaunted for so many years.

I realized the world’s definition of sexy is not at all about being attractive.  It is about putting ourselves in the “ready for sex” frame of mind and dressing accordingly.  Even though the world shouts this is something desirable, enticing, and even necessary, I say GIVE.IT.UP!  There are enough confusing things in this world to endeavor to discern, and this one ends here and now for me and my daughters.  Sexy doesn’t cut it.  We are real people who deserve respect, admiration, and love.  We are not objects to be lusted after, nor should we pretend or aspire to be such.

We are attractive and truly beautiful as we strive to become real women.  Real women have a light in their countenance that makes them far more attractive than all the makeup, glitziness, fashion, and superficiality the world touts.  I have seen this real magical beauty and it is striking, beautiful, and gorgeous…something sexy can never be.

Seeing things for what they truly are is freeing.  I feel a bit more free today.

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